Frequently Asked Questions for City Mirror & Glass Co., Inc

Can you cut glass to any size I need?
Yes, we cut all kinds of glass and mirror to your exact specifications. Intricate tabletops or mirrors are hand cut in our shop. A pattern can be made that our glaziers use as a guide. Plate glass, window glass, all safety glass, Plexiglas™, and Lexan™ are available in custom sizes.

My windows are foggy and I can't get them clean anymore. Can you help?
Yes. What you are experiencing is a seal failure in your insulated glass unit. If you are able, you may bring your window in and we will measure it and order a new glass unit for it. If you are not able to come in, we schedule an appointment to come to your home for measurements. We replace the glass, not the sash. New thermopanes from us have a 10-year seal warranty on the glass.

Will I have to wait half the day like I do for the cable company?
No, we schedule appointments every ½ hour and pride ourselves on our punctuality.

Do you accept all insurances for auto glass replacement?
Yes, we accept all insurance policies written in Massachusetts. As long as you have comprehensive (fire and theft) coverage on your vehicle, any glass breakage is covered.

Will you come to my office and replace my windshield?
We adhere to strict standards installing your auto glass. Installing a windshield in an outdoor environment allows for problems down the road with your car. In our shop, we use cutting-edge sealants that are allowed the proper set time, and you are guaranteed to have no leaks!

Will you come out to the house to fix a small windowpane?
That is what we do. We have a standard service call fee you will be charged, plus the cost of the glass. Our glass technicians will clean up old broken glass and install your new pane in a short time.

Can you make a new screen or repair one of my old ones?
We can make new screens from your measurements, or bring in what you have and we'll do our best to make it work again.

Do you install heavy glass shower and bath enclosures?
Yes, we custom design and install a beautiful bath enclosure with all kinds of glass and trim available. You'll love the finished work.

Do you carry two-way mirror for security purposes?
Yes we do. We also have round convex mirrors for seeing around corners and bullet resistant glass for high security applications.

I have children and want a large mirror. Is there some way to make it safe?
We have a safety backing that holds the mirror together in the event it breaks. It is a heavy-duty self-adhesive mesh, which it is applied in our shop. We often use it in gyms and dance studios.

Will you come to my home (or office) and give me a free estimate?
Our estimates are always free and with our years of experience, we often have a practical solution to many glass problems out there.

We own rental property in your area. Will you do the work and take a credit card over the phone as payment?
We deal with numerous landlords and management companies. We will run your credit card number through and supply you via fax or mail a copy of the receipt.