Window Services in Lowell, Massachusetts

Window at your house - Bullet Resistant Glass in Lowell, MA
Big Screen Window - mirror mastic in Lowell, MA
Windows are a critical feature on residential and commercial buildings. They provide security, weatherization benefits, aesthetic appeal and more. At City Mirror & Glass, we can replace a single broken window, or we can replace all of the windows on your property as part of an improvement project. When you meet with our team of window specialists for assistance, we will educate you about the different types of windows we offer. We will also provide you with an estimate for the windows that are best for your needs.

With more than 50 years of experience providing window replacement and new installation services to residential and commercial clients in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we have satisfied many customers with our fast installation service and quality products. Whether you need to install residential windows, office windows or even glass sliders for office or other use, we can help. We have quality window products that will be a truly valuable and functional addition to your space. Some of the different types of windows that we offer include

• Bulletproof glass
• Wired glass
• Automobile windows
• Heat-resistant glass

Ordering new windows for your home or commercial building can seem confusing and complicated, but we strive to take the hassle out of this process. You simply need to contact our office for a consultation, and we will visit with you personally to learn about your goals and budget for the project. Then, we can make intelligent recommendations that will meet your needs. The windows will be created to your specifications, and we will professionally install them for you in a timely manner. For smaller and larger window projects, turn to the team at City Mirror & Glass.